Lamberti Arts was started by artist Irene Lamberti in Orofino, ID. She expresses her love of nature and wildlife through her paintings. Her art has won many awards and is featured in galleries across the American Northwest.

Irene Lamberti has specialized in custom pet portrait paintings but continues to be inspired by other animals, people, and of course, the natural world around us. Lamberti Arts offers an array of paintings that feature each of these inspirations.

Our Collection of Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits for Charity was started by Irene Lamberti to help raise money for animal rescue. As an avid animal lover, she decided to give back and 30% of her revenue is donated to local animal rescue shelters.

Pet portrait paintings celebrate your best friend and as any pet owner will tell you, a custom pet portraiture is a perfect gift that they've always wanted. Pet portraits aren't just for pet owners; they're for anyone who loves a pet.

Irene Lamberti has painted dogs, cats, and horses. Regardless of your pet, Irene will paint you a beautiful portrait.

Our Native American Collection

In addition to pet portraits, Irene Lamberti honors Native America's vibrant and noble culture through her art. Our Native American Collection features paintings of Native Americans in traditional regalia, typically performing traditional dances. Her art also pays tribute to Native Americans' connection to nature.

Our Outdoor Collection

Irene Lamberti's outdoor collection explores the dynamic nature of wildlife, whether that be animals or landscapes. Her paintings are inviting and always convincingly lifelike.

Our Gallery

Below is a compilation of our favorite pieces from each of our collections. We hope these pieces will inspire you as much as they inspire us. If you'd like to have your pet remembered in a painting, fill out our online form or give us a call at 1-208-476-4676 today.

One of our pet portrait paintings

Pet Portrait Paintings and Other Collections 

Native American Collection

Outdoor Collection